Valve Options

Bonnet (non-wetted) options

Indicating (standard)

Valve position can be
determined at a glance.

Indicating with
travel stop

In addition to indicating
position, the closing
stroke can be limited.


Used when space
limitations are a factor.

End Connection options


1/2" to 12"
1/2" to 2" Solid Plastic


1/2" to 3"
1/2" to 2" Solid Plastic

Socket Weld

1/2" to 3"
1/2" to 2" Solid Plastic

Butt Weld

1/2" to 4"
Metal Only

Diaphragm Options

  • McCannaplast™ EPDM Back
  • McCannaplast™ EPDM White
  • Neoprene Black
  • Neobrene White
  • PTFE / McCannaplast™
  • Natural Rubber
  • Viton
  • Hypalon

Hills-McCanna Exclusive Sealing Bead

Sealing bead extends around and between bolt holes and across the setting area. This exclusive design localizes bolting and closing forces, assuring a positive seal with minimum bolting torque, and stem thrust.


Hills-McCanna actuators are available for on / off applications or when more complex flow control is required. Actuators can be provided with positioners, limit switches, speed controls, filter regulators, and a variety of other accessories and options to meet sophisticated flow control and fine throttling requirements.

Valve Valve Valve Valve