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Chemtite Bulls 360 View Sight Flow Indicator


PFA Lined For Severe Duty

The Original In The USA

Since 1931, Hills-McCanna® has earned a reputation for innovative products that serve demanding applications better than before. Today, the Hills-McCanna® legacy continues with the ChemTite® series. ChemTite® products are built with American quality for peace of mind and dependability in tough chemical applications.


Chemtite 360 View Cutaway
Item Description ASTM / Material
1 Flange A105 Carbon Steel
2 Lining Virgin PFA
3 Glass Borosilicate Glass
4 Impact Safety Shield Polycarbonate
5 Tie Rod Stainless Steel
6 Gasket PTFE w/Viton® (non-wetted)
7 Socket Head Cap Screw 18-8 Stainless Steel
Nominal Diameter Lengths Available Lengths Stocked
1" 5-60" 8"
11/2" 5-60" 8"
2" 5-60" 8"
3" 5-60" 8"
4" 5-60" 8"
6" 5-60" 8"
8" 5-60" 8"
10" 5-60" 8"
12" 5-60" 8"

Options Available

General Purpose & Explosion Proof Light

For back-lighting through windows in difficult lighting installations

Vertical Drip Tube

For easy viewing of low flow rates in vertical installations

Horizontal Flapper

For visual indication of low rates in horizontal installations.

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